Currently: Traveling, Studying, Writing, Reflecting, Enjoying

For 2018 Donna is traveling in Central America. She returns to Austin frequently for one-month at a time and then returns to traveling. If you’d like to speak with her please send a text or an email. Her current projects are learning Spanish, investigating afterlife communication and near-death experiences, writing, and enjoying life. Please read the posts on this site for more about Donna’s activities.

Austin workshop holding hands around body
A home funeral workshop in Austin, Texas. Weaving ceremony into home vigils and work with the dying makes the time much for meaningful to most people.

End-of-Life & Home Funeral Guide

Donna works with individuals and groups about the death and dying topic. This takes different forms depending on what people need and want.

  • educating families and groups through workshops on how to care for their loved ones after death by offering guidance for at-home vigils and home funerals
  • general informational sessions where Donna will answer questions and help provide direction
  • facilitating end-of-life conversations, and ceremonies before someone dies as a way to honor a person before death
  • helping a person define what their  ‘good death’ looks like, and supporting them with tools and practices to achieve that

Beyond Hospice

An online training course for those who are interested in becoming a Death and Dying Guide, Death Midwife, or simply want to have a deeper understanding of death and what personal options are.


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