Don’t shut them out

Here are some words by Quaker writer, William Littleboy, from a piece he did in 1917 tittled, “Our Beloved Dead.”  I feel this is a very appropriate posting since today is Easter Sunday.

Don’t shut them, your loved ones, out of your life as if they were gone indeed. They are still of the home party, though unseen. Welcome them, speak of them freely, practice their presence. Make them your spiritual copanions; think of them deliberatively, as they are, with their clearer vision, their deep purity, their perfected love, their affectionate interest in you and longing to help you, for which they need your cooperation. By an open-hearted faith like this we loose them from their grave-clothes, and our dead, like Lazarus, are with us again, to bring new peace and joy and devotion to our lives.

On grief Littleboy writes:

Serving others is a sovereign balm for sorrow, not only because it takes us out of ourselves and diverts attention from our own grief, but also because it is one of the means whereby we are most certainly united with those we mourn. Their life is one of joyful service, and the more our life follows that line, the nearer in spirit shall we be to them. They will inspire us, encourage us, cooperate with us, express themselves through us, and so we will rejoice together.

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