Spiritual characteristics

What are some characteristics of a spiritual person? by Raz Patnaik

1. Very Cool, calm and collected
2. Usually introvert
3. Very contemplative and reflective
4. Very self-satisfied and contented
5. Detached from worldly attachments & emotions
6. Is not materialistic
7. Non-reactive, non-aggressive & non-judgemental
8. Is very loving, kind and compassionate
9. Is very humble
10. Is very generous, Helpful & altruistic
11. Is very empathetic
12. Is open-minded and insightful (s/he can see the world without preconceived notions about people, places, and things)
13. Gives compliments generously, but accept them with humility
14. Does not have religious/social prejudices
15. Sublimates his/her inner anger
16. Shows equanimity for both good and bad situations
17. High awareness of consequences
18. Indulges in self-analysis to understand his/her own mind (understanding one’s mind is certainly not as easy as it may look like)
19. Deals with people at the psychological level (instead of the instinctual and superficial level)
20. Has a tendency to spiritualize every thing