Restorative Flow Yoga

Restorative Flow is a luxurious yoga practice with movements that are slow, gentle, repetitive and rocking to create a class that is deeply nourishing.

Yoga students who will benefit from this type of practice are:

  • those wanting to deeply relax and de-stress
  • those wanting to incorporate self-healing into their lifestyle
  • those wanting a contemplative practice
  • those with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis and are looking for ways to exercise in a safe manner
  • those with limited range of motion
  • those wanting to develop their awareness of subtle energy or prana
  • yoga teachers who want to add a specialty to their yoga class offerings or simply to incorporate parts of Restorative Flow into their regular hatha yoga classes.
  • Restorative Flow classes differ from “restorative poses” in that the class is a gentle flow from one relaxing posture into the next. There is no stopping to gather props, to situate yourself in a pose, or to have the help of another person to position you in the pose. One pose flows seamlessly into the next in a relaxing continuum.

The book can be purchased through Amazon. It contains illustrations of the restorative flow sequences with detailed instructions for each poses. Below are links to a demonstration video of some of the poses. These videos are to help you get a sense of the timing and pacing of the Restorative Flow poses. These videos contain no audio or background music.

Link to YouTube videos: